Vehicle fighting: -2 to all actions including driving(except detection) when taking an action while in a moving vehicle. Any vehicle and/or rider going over a speed of 20 increases their threshold by 1. Vehicles usually provide Medium Cover, though some may provide more or less, and even total cover.

Out of Control The first round you fail a drive check you go out of control. While out of control you continue to move at your current speed, and drift up to 45 degrees, which may cause you to wreck. The next round you must make a regain control check or you wreck. All actions taken for those in an out of control vehicle are assumed to be on an unstable platform.

Wreck: When you get in an accident several things happen. If you don’t have a seat belt, safety harness or airbags roll a 1d6. On a 4-6 you get thrown from the vehicle 1 hex per each hex of your current speed. If you have a single safety feature, roll 2d6 and on a 12 you get ejected. If you have 2 or more safety features you do not gwt ejected. Either way you take 1 DV for every hex of speed. A safety harness, seat belt or air bags you take 1 DV for every 2 hexes of movement. If you have belts and an air bag you cut the damage to 1 DV for every 3 hexes of movement. You resist a crash with only your fortitude.

If you are flying, you take 1 DV for every hex you fall down plus 1 DV for every hex of speed you were traveling.

Fly: Your fly is equal to your total agility. Fly is for magical or natural flight, a flying vehicle or mount uses the drive skill under savvy. While flying each hex you ascend (move up) costs +1 MP. Movement is otherwise on a 1 to 1 basis. You may sprint while flying unless your form of movement says otherwise.

If your flying without the benefit of magic certain maneuvers have a threshold.

Driver The driver may take his actions at any time during his drive.


Maneuver Action Type Threshold Notes
Guide with your knees - +1 You may use both your hands while driving
Decrease Action Type -1 +1 per action reduction You reduce the actions used for a maneuver. Full Round → Standard → Move → Free → Not an action.
Multiple Actions +1 +All Actions You increase the actions used for a maneuver. You take the highest maneuver and increase by 1 per action. Not an Action → Free → Move → Standard → Full Round. You cannot add any more actions I’d you are already at a full round action. Adding actions to Maintain does not increase the action type, just the difficulty.
Maintain Move 1 Keep the vehicle in control at the same speed making no more than one turn at 45 degrees or less. May decelerate up to ACC. May accelerate up to half ACC
Hoover Move 3 Hoover in mid air without moving. Some vehicles may not be able to hoover.
Heavy Winds Move 3 Move at half speed or double speed.
Hard Break Standard +1 Decelerate up to 3 times ACC.
Accelerate Standard +1 Accelerate up to maximum acceleration
Tight Turn Standard +1 Turn up to 90 degrees
Bootleggers Reverse Full Round Action +4 The vehicle moves forward at half its current speed and then turns between 90 and 180 degrees (player’s choice). The vehicle instantly decelerates to a complete stop and cannot move further this round.
Maneuver Full Round +Varies Weave between pedestrians, swerve to avoid a mattress in the road, driving between traffic, etc.
Regain Control Full Round 4 If you succeed treat it as a maintain maneuver. If you fail you wreck.
Avoid getting caught in quicksand Part of another action +3
Ram Part of another action Opposed Check If the defender wins he may choose to avoid the collision, or make you both take ramming damage. On a draw you both take damage. On a success with a raise you may deal damage normally, or deal no damage and perform ??? [PIT maneuver]. Ramming damage equals Drive+Armor of vehicle. All damage that penetrates the vehicles armor deals damage to the passengers.
Take Cover Immediate 3 Take cover from an attack, ducking down or dropping to the side. Gives an attacker a -4 vs their dice pool. If you succeed with a hit you may instantly recover, otherwise you must wait until the start of the following round, but then it takes a move action to recover.
Condition Modifier Notes
Unusual Mount or vehicle - 2 Gryphons, shipdesigned for another species
Darkness -2 A full moon on a starry night.
Heavy Darkness -4 Over cast night sky.
Total Darkness -6 Driving in fog at night.
Improper Vehicle Terrain -2 to -4 dirt roads, rock, sand. May vary with different vehicles (such as dirt may be no penalty to a horse but -2 to other vehicles)
Hazardous Conditions -2 Light Rain, Oil Slick, Choppy Water
Very Hazardous Condition -4 Heavy Rain, Light Snow
Extremely Hazardous Condition -6 Heavy Snow, Tornado

ACC – You can accelerate or decelerate up to this amount each round.
TS – Top speed your vehicle can hit.
Handling – Add to drive for total drive pool.
Crew – this is the minimum number of crew needed to control the vehicle. For every 10% (rounded up) below the minimum crew you take a -1 to handling checks. If the driver dies or gets knocked out the vehicle goes out of control regardless of how much crew is left.
Fuel – This is the cost per day in fuel for a full day of travel. If used for basic city travel in a day this is a per week expense. You may spend your lifestyle on fuel. Fuel is intentionally vague to account for all the different types of fuEl one may encounter (gasoline, coal, magical crystals, etc.)

War dog
Keel Boat
Man o war

Vehicle Price ACC TS Handling Armor HP CU Fuel Notes
Horse 4 10 20 5 5 16 4 Stable Cost: 2
War Horse 8 8 16 5 8 20 4 Stable Cost: 3
Boar 7 7 14 6 9 22 4 Stable Cost: 1, Small Riders
Bicycle 8 7 20 7 4 12 2
Motorcycle 11 15 45 7 8 12 3 1
Early Car 15 10 30 4 10 22 12 4
Modern Car 19 13 39 5 8 16 10 3
Tank 60® 10 2 8 3 16 30 20 10 Heavy Armor, 1 mounted weapon

All vehi

Vehicle Price ACC TS Handling Armor HP Crew CU Fuel Notes
Barge 14 0 0 0 13 (3) 16 2+100 500 +50% fuel consumption. -1 ACC and TS. -2 drive.
Small Freighter 35 4 10 4 13 (3) 20 6+14 250 7
Large Freighter 60 2 5 3 16 (5) 24 12+28 500 12
Gun Boat 40 8 20 4 12 (2) 18 8+10 50 5
Iron Clad 100 5 15 2 18 (7) 30 12+20 250 15
Knife Boat 19 20 40 6 10 (2) 12 2+13 10 2
Maze Runner 25 15 30 5 12 (2) 14 3+5 10 3
Steam Launch 15 4 10 4 8 (2) 10 1+7 25 2
Steam Sled 17 20 40 6 5 (1) 8 1+1 1
Tug Boat 35 5 10 4 12 (2) 10 4+10 100 4
Steam Wagon 15 5 15 2 10 (3) 8 4 100 2
Rocket Pack 17 10 20 4 10 (3) 10 4 2/20 Minutes (usable in 1 minute increments) Moving up costs 2 MP each
Auto Gyro 30 15 30 2 8 (2) 9 1 4 2


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