Traits that raise specific attributes raise the starting minimum and maximum (for instance, a human taking attractive starts with 3 charisma and may raise it to 9 during character ceeation, but his racial maximum is still 10), but not above their racial maximum. Traits that lower attributes lower the racial minimum and starting racial maximum(a human taking ambidextrous lowers his starting intelligence to 1, and can raise it 7 during character creation, but his racial maximum is still 10), but all attributes must be at least 1 after distributing attributes.

Raising or lowering your racial maximums increase or decrease your maximum starting racials the same (a human with cunning nature has starting maximums of 9 and racial maximums of 11 in savvy and agility, and starting maximums of 7 and racial macimums of 9 in body, strength, intelligence and charisma.)

Addict You are an addict. You begin addicted to a substance of your choosing. You start with 5 doses of the substance and you may carry 5 units of it for 1 WU and buy up to 5 doses with lifestyle, which does not count against your normal quantity of consumables. Additionally you, whenever in an appropriate settlement, you can always find a way to buy it for cost, no barter check or contacts necessary. You also do not suffer from addiction effects, but suffer from withdrawal normally whenever you are not high. You must roll vs withdrawal every 8 hours and your addiction level never falls below moderate. This also means you begin play addicted to it at a moderatatlevel. You cannot break your addiction unless you somehow remove this trait from your character.

Adonis Natured Theres no denying your the near perfect human specimen. Your racial maximum for body and charisma are increased by 1, but for strength, agility, intelligence, and savvy they are reduced by 1.

Allegy You have an allergy to something agreed upon by you and your GM. If the allergen is rare, the penalty is severe and you take a -4 to all dice pools when exposed to your allergen. If the allergen is uncommon the penalty is harsh and gives a -2 to all dice pools. If the allergen is common the penalty is mild and you take a -1 to all dice pools. Addictol can temporarily relieve the symptoms of allergies. Dealing with allergies your entire life has aided you in your guts so you gain a +1 to Grit.

Ambidextrous You begin with rank 1 of two weapon fighting (you can choose whether through savvy or agility) and qualify for further ranks of the perk even if you don’t meet the attribute requirement. You may choose all perks in this chain at half their regular level. However you’re a little slower and moody and suffer a -1 to intelligence and persuasion.

Analytical Mind You are an expert and even enjoy analyzing data, but you don’t care much for people. You take a -1 to diplomacy, barter, contacts, discernment, medic and bluff but a +1 to intelligence.

Anemia You are easily tired. You are inept vs any condition that delivers fatigue. On the bright side, your dull pallor gives you a +1 to intimidate and sneak.

Arcane Resistance Magic doesn’t agree with you, and you are unusually stout against it. You are proficient vs all powers in saves and soak. You cannot however learn powers from any source, and you suffer a level of fatigue if you fail a save vs a spell in addition to any other result that may accompany it. Additionally, unless you take an immediate action to lower your resustance you must even save vs beneficial magic. Make a save opposed by the casters spellcasting.

Athletic Nature Your racial maximum for strength and agility are increased by 1. For Body, Intelligence, Charisma and Savvy they are reduced by 1.

Attractive You are exceptionally magnetic, so you didn’t have to develop yourself as much as other people. You gain a +1 to charisma, but all other attributes have their racial maximum reduced by 1.

Bad Nature Your racial maximum for strength and body are increased by 1, but for agility, charisma, intelligence and savvy your maximums are reduced by 1.

Big Mouth You like to talk, a lot. You gain a +1 to persuasion and bluff. However when you fail a persuasion or bluff check while in conversation you let slip something you shouldn’t have. How this plays out is up to the gm.

Blind You are permanently blind, but have learned to compensate for this somewhat with your other senses. You take only a permanent -2 to accuracy, defense and detection since your other senses are so heightened. You are not affected by lighting levels or special senses and cannot be affected any further by blindness and are immune to any affect that would require sight (such as a Basilisk gaze.) Unfortunately, you are overly reliant on your hearing and you treat any deafness as both blindness and deafness.

Brave You are proficient when making saves vs shaken, fear and terror.

Brawny A little bigger but a lot slower. You gain +1 strength, but take a -3 to starting AP and -1 to your sprint speed rate.

Bruiser You gain a +1 to fortitude and increase your encumbrance by 4, but you take a -1 to agility.

Brute Your savage nature gives you a +1 to body. Unfortunately your PP total is reduced by 5, and you take a -1 to discernment, detection, medic and knowledge.

Built to destroy When you make a critical hit the DV is increased by 3, but your PP total is reduced by 5 points.

Cunning Nature Your racial maximum for agility and savvy are increased by 1. Your racial maximums are reduced by 1 for strength, body, intelligence and charisma.

Destitute Your lifestyle can never be higher than 0. However you know how to forage and gain a +1 to survival and have specialization +1 to forage. Additionally you may spend a full days begging in a town or city and gain 1 loot.

Dwarf You were born with a common mutation, dwarfism. Your teensy stature causes you to have -1 agility and charisma. However, you also gain +1 body and your size is reduced by 1 (Large – Medium – Small). You cannot be smaller than medium and become a dwarf. You cannot be a young dwarf.

Empath You are able to feel other people feelings much better than others. When you are in dialogue the GM must warn you if you are going to say something that can be taken poorly, and you have the option of saying something else instead. The GM may even drop hints from your empathy. You also gain a +1 to discernment (detect lie & Read situation/individual) Unfortunately you aren’t as bright and lose 1 point of intelligence.

Famous You gain a + 2 to contacts, and roll with proficiency whenever your fame could come into play. Bluhbluhmore

Fast Metabolism Your recovery rate is one point higher, but your fortitude is reduced by 1.

Fast Shot All ranged weapons have their ROF increased by 1, but you cannot make targeted shots, combat maneuvers, special attacks or aim at all.

Finesse You may count one 5 towards determining if you made a critical hit and you reduce the critical threshold by 1, but you deal 2 less DV from all sources.

Frail You are very frail. You are always inept when making a soak check. Your health has made you work very carefully to avoid danger, and you increade your threshold by 1.

Frugal Your charisma is reduced by 1, but you increase your barter by +2.

Genius +1 to intelligence, but you accuracy, starting AP and AP refresh rate are reduced by 1.

Giant You have some kind of terrible mutation, and are huge for your species. You take a -1 to agility and charisma. However, you also gain +1 Body and your size is increased by 1 (Large – Medium – Small). You cannot be larger than medium and be a giant.

Gifted You have more natural talent than most, so you spent less time developing your skills. You gain 2 extra attribute points to distribute, but all your skills take a -1 penalty.

Good Natured your racial maximum for charisma and intelligence are raised by 1, but for strength, body, agility and savvy are lowered by 1.

Greedy You always want your fair share, and then some. When you divvy up loot you always try and take more than your fair share, whether overtly or covertly is up to you.

Ham Fisted You gain a +1 to accuracy when attacking unarmed or with unarmed weapons, but your accuracy is reduced by 1 with all ranged weapons, and you take a -1 to security, driving, medic and to any knowledge (repair, technical).

Heavy Handed +1 to melee DV but you reduce all critical hit damage by 3 DV (to a minimum of 0) and all ranged weapon accuracy is reduced by 1.

hemophiliac You are inept vs bleed and do not naturally recover from the bleed condition.

Hoarder You increase your carry units and encumbrance by 3 each, but your savvy is reduced by 1.

Honorable You have a code of honor that you live and die by. Choose a few things with the GM, such as not killing an unarmed foe, always allowing an enemy to surrender and always helping those in need. For your code, you get treated slightly better by NPC’S as your known as an honorable chap and they are bound to trust you a little more than normal. How this plays out is up to the GM.

Ineptitude You have an area of expertise, but are bad at a lot of things. Choose 1 skill and you become proficient in it. The GM then chooses 2 skills, both if which you are inept at.

Insomniac You sometimes have trouble sleeping. Everytime you sleep you roll a 1d6. On a 1 you toss and turn all night and fail to get good sleep. You instead benefit as if from a short rest, but you do not recover instead you got to sleep. So you fail to recover hit points, all your PP, all you temporary fatigue, a level of long fatigue and your recovery pool. However dealing with your insomnia has made you better able to go on reserves. You ignore the affects of 1 level of fatigue.

Jinxed You’ve always had bad luck, so you worked a little harder. Your uses of edge are reduced by 2, but you gain +1 to 2 different skills.

Kamikaze You are unchained and act dangerously. Your sprint speed and AP refresh rate are increased by 1, you starting AP is increased by 3, but your threshold, hit points and fortitude are reduced by 1.

Keen Senses You gain +1 to discernment, detection and survival (tracking). However you suffer a -1 to sickened, nauseated, deafened and blinded.

Light Sleeper You only suffer a -2 to detection while sleeping. You don’t recover as well as normal people though. Each night you sleep roll a d6. On a 1 you fail to recover any hit points. On a 2 you fail to recover your recovery pool. On a 3 you only recover half your PP. On a 4, 5 or 6 you recover normally.

Linguist Each time you put a point into language, you can learn 2 languages and start with a bonus language. You begin with 2 less specialization than normal.

Lone Wolf +1 to all dice pools when working alone but -1 to all dice pools when working with companions.

Loose Cannon You can draw throwing weapons for 1 AP, but you take a -1 to accuarcy with all throwing weapons.

Loyal You are very loyal to your allies. You never leave a companion behind, unless they are confirmed dead. Once per session you can take the hit for an adjacent ally. For this attack, you may reroll all misses for the soak roll.

Fortunate Fate seems to have special plans for you, which causes you to be easily manipulated. Your savvy is increased by 1 but you are inept at will saves vs mind affecting and emotion affects. You cannot gain immunity to such affects while you have this perk, but immunity cancels out the ineptitude.

Mean Your a real jerk. You have a +1 to intimidate but a -1 persuasion and bluff.

McGyver You have a razorblade, a shoe string and a piece of bubblegum. You are considered to have an improvised tool kit for any and all tasks. They act as a tool kit with a -2 penalty. The random assortment of knick-knack you carry and randomly pick up permanently reduce your carry units by 5.

Obese You are large and in charge!! You’re not a little overweight, you are a landwhale. Your tough skin grants you a +1 to fortitude, Vigor and HP. Unfortunately you suffer from a -1 to your MP, sprint speed, starting AP and AP refresh rate. Additionally you act as if you are 1 size category larger than you are for squeezing, stealth penalty and threshold, but not for any of the good stuff.

Old You are already quite old for your species, and have the aches and pains to prove it. You take a -1 penalty to strength, agility, body, driving and detection, but gain a +1 to intelligence and savvy. In addition, your extra experience gives you a bonus starting perk.

One Arm You only have one arm. You gain a +1 to accuracy when using a weapon in that hand and you automatically resist the disarm combat maneuver without expending AP. You cannot use 2 handed weapons, items, or an item in each hand, and take a -3 to any check that generally requires 2 hands(such as climbibg)

One in a million Whenever you critical hit roll 2d6. If you roll snake eyes you reduce your crit damage by 3, if you roll 12 you increase your damage by 3.

Pacifist You wouldn’t even hurt a fly, and don’t. You cannot cause harm to any targets, and cannot be made to attack, even if dominated or mind controlled. This includes causing harm through confusion or mind controllibg, but you can make opponents surrender or flee. Intelligent living beings (such as humanoids) pick up on this, and do not attack you directly. If you are the last man standing, then the enemies may attack you, though they must give you a chance to surrender first. You can still be caught in area of effect abilities, but if possible they must target them to miss you.
If you ever break your vow of pacifism, all intelligent living beings focus their attacks on you in combat, and you may even become hunted. Take Do No Harm seriously.

Paranoid You are paranoid in the extreme. You gain a +1 to detection, discernment and starting AP, but your shaky nerves give you a -1 to accuracy.


Photographic Memory You remember everything. Whenever you are attempting to recall information you have seen the GM must give you the information again with total accuracy. Unfortunately your recall has made you lazy and your Knowledge is reduced by 1 and you begin with 1 less specialization.

Poor You are dirt poor. You start with 2 + 1/2 charisma (round down). Your life of destitution has left you knowing how to get by though, and you have a +1 to survival.

Renaissance Man You gain a +1 to knowledge, and can make all specialized knowledge checks untrained, albeit at a -3. Unfortunately you don’t begin with any specializations for your intelligence score.

Rich: During character creation you begin with 5 extra wealth and a lifestyle of 3. However you have bougie tastes. When you upgrade your lifestyle you must expend 1 additional wealth unit. For instance, going from 3 to 4 costs 13 wealth.

Savant You’re a bumbling fool but have an area of brilliance. You are always considered to have negative dice for knowledge checks, so you roll a single dice and only hit on a 6. You gain no knowledge specializations for your intelligence and can never choose the skilled perk. The good news is your a genius in a single area. Choose one knowledge specialization. You automatically crtically succeed at all rolls in your specialization

Sex Appeal You are attractive to one gender, but this irritates the other. You treat your charisma as 1 higher for all purposes vs one sex of your choice. -1 charisma to the other.

Skilled You have less natural talent, so you spend more time honing your skills. You gain a +1 bonus to each skill. Additionally, every time you gain a level(and at level 1) you gain a skill point. You can put this point into any skill. Unfortunately you only gain perks every even level(so you don’t start with a perk at level 1, unless your human)

Small frame +1 agility but you cut in half your carrying capacity (roubd down) and encumbrance (round up)

Studious Tinkerer Your years at a workbench grant a +1 security, medic and knowledge. Unfortunately years of a sedentary lifestyle have caused you to take a -1 to strength.

Stupid Rich: You are stupid rich. You begin with a lifestyle of 15 but you start with 4 less attribute points to distribute and your racial maximum for all attributes are reduced by 2.

_Super Rich You are super rich. You begin with a lifestyle of 11, but can only spend lifestyle on one of the following, chosen at character creation: a single weapon, armor, consumables, explosives, Enhanced items, kits or an additional vehicle. You can still spend lifestyle on lifestyle expenses, misc items, and a single vehicle regardless of your choice. You do not gain bonus vehicles for high lifestyle. Additionally, you have high tastes from your lifestyle. All purchases you make are considered 2 wealth more expensive than their base._

Super Charged Frame Your body is over charged with energy, but the excess energy makes you more frail. You gain 5 extra PP but your hit point total is reduced by 2.

Traveler You always loved to walk. This is more than just a hobby- it’s your lifestyle. You gain a +1 to body, base pace, detection, aand encumbrance. You do not start with a perk at level 1, and unfortunately you can only choose from a limited number of perks. You may choose all body and universal perks. From agility you may choose sneak, quick hands and bonus move. From strength you can choose athletic and strong back. From intelligence you can choose skilled, medic and security. From charisma you can learn discerning and animal friend. And lastly from Savvy you can choose faster sequence and awareness. You cannot be a young traveller.

Trigger Discipline A little slower but a lot more accurate. You gain a +1 to accuracy with ranged weapons and an additional +1 to the aim and steady maneuver. Your starting AP and AP refresh rate are both reduced by 1.

Ugly You fell off the ugly tree, and hit every branch on the way down. You take a -1 to charisma. However your more self reliant than most and gain a +1 bonus to survival, discernment and detection.

Weak Immune System You have a compromised immune system which causes you lots of problems. You suffer a -1 to your grit. However you spent more time developing yourself when you were down, and gain a +1 to knowledge and……

Wise Knowledge never was a problem for you, even more – you love it. Your knowledge is one point higher and you gain 3 additional knowledge special. any non-intelligence perk has its level requirement raised by 3.

Young You are not an adult yet, and are still quite young. You gain a +1 agility and your size is reduced by 1. You take a -1 to intelligence and you don’t start with a perk at level 1. You must be at least medium to choose young.

Future choices Blood thirsty, cautious, clueless, delusional, heroic, lame, illiterate, one arm, one leg, phobia, stubborn, yellow, , brave, jack of all trades, Vigor bonus/bane.


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