Universal Perks
Body Perks *
Agility Perks
Strength Perks
Intelligence Perks
Charisma Perks – 5
Savvy Perks – 8
Optional Perks

Agility – one hander – rank 4, drop skill perks by 1?
Strength – Body Blocker with strong back
Strength – close combatant 3

Alternate Perks – Alternate perks replace the original perk they are associated with. Picking an alternate perk function in all ways as picking an base perk – they have the same attribute and level requirements. When you chose an alternate perk you cannot pick the base perk associated with perk and vice versa.

Alternate Body Perks
Alternate Agility Perks
Alternate Strength Perks
Alternate Intelligence Perks
Alternate Charisma Perks
Alternate Savvy Perks

Body – 46!
Agility – 45!
Strength – 41?
Intelligence – 42?
Charisma – 48!
Savvy – 44 – run numbers for more criticals.


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