Net Rules

Augmented Reality: -2 to all actions. Can only act in either cyber reality or real reality each round. Cannot take biofeedback damage. Disconnecting is a free action.
Cold Virtual Reality: Cannot act in real reality, but is loosely aware of what is going on(can feel if they start taking damage or hear if bullets start flying), and can disconnect as a standard action. Can take biofeedback damage.
Hot Virtual Reality: +1 to all rolls, cannot act in reality. No awareness at all of what is going on. Reduce noise penalties by 1. Takes 1 full round action to disconnect. Addiction (2) chance vs body.

Upgrade Level Data Processing/Wifi/Health/Programs Attack/Sleaze Firewall
2 3 4 4
3 4 6 7
4 6 9 11
5 7 12 15
6 9 15 18
Attribute Cyberdeck Technomancer
Cracking Security Security
Cryptography Knowledge Detection
Sniffing Survival
Sleaze Sneak
Data Processing Knowledge knowledge
Repair Medic Medic

Marks – each point of damage a program currently has counts as 1 mark

Cyber deck Stats
Rating: 1-6
Attack: Intelligence + Rating
Sleaze: Savvy + Rating
Data Processing: Intelligence + Rating
Firewall: Rating + 2
Programs: Ratingx3
Wi-Fi: Rating
Marks: 6 + Rating

Texhnomancer only AR or hot sim, and no addiction rate.
Attack: Charisma + Tier
Sleaze: Savvy + Tier
Data Processing: Int + Tier
Firewall: 1/2 (body) + Tier + 1
Programs: By Tier
Wi-Fi: (Savvy+tier)/2
Use physical hit points hp


Action Programs – 100 Nuyen

Brute Force:

Change Icon
Change appearance – does not work if being viewed

Check Over watch Scores: Move
See how much OS is on you.

  • Control Device:
    Full Round Action
    Control a device – uses your normal score to control. Device must be at half health or less.

Crash Program:
On a draw shuts down the program for 3 round. On a net hit program is down until the device is rebooted. Device must have damage.

Data Spike:
Data Processing

Disarm Data bomb:
Disarms a bomb
Data Processing

  • Edit File:
    Full Round
    Data Processing
  • Enter/Exit Host :
    Data Processing

Erase Mark:
Remove a mark from yourself or another icon

Erase Matrix Signature: Standard
Data Processing
Removes signature. +1 Overwatch

Format Device:
Full Round Action
Device must be fully marked
Next time the device restarts it is formatted

Matrix Defense:
+1 overwatch
Add cracking to firewall

  • Grid Hop:
    Full Round Action
    Jump to another grid. If you don’t have access the network must be marked.

Hack on the Fly:

Hide: Standard
HiDE from an icon. Cannot hide if marked.

  • Jack Out: Immediate
    Automatically logs out and reboots device.
    If in VR you take dumpshock(5 DV + 1 for each mark and link lock) vs fortitude. If link locked you must succeed on a firewall vs attack or take +5 DV for each link lock. If VR hot +5 DV. You are paralyzed for the rest of the round and one additional round.

Jam Signal:
Full Round
Increases noise by net hits in 100 meters. Cannot take any other matrix actions until you stop jam signal as a move action.

Jump into Rigged Device:
Half marked

Matrix Perception:

Matrix Search
Varies (full round action or more)
Data Processing

Send Message
Send a message or communicate with another icon.

Set Data Bomb –
Sleaze – set bomb to blow data. Also deals net hits in damage vs firewall.

Intercept Data. Must be jumped into host or have beat him. May take multiple rounds depending on data collected.

Spoof Command –
2 marks
Give the device a command as if you are the owner.

  • Switch interface mode immediate or standard
    AR – VR Cold – VR Hot
    Must be jacked in

Trace Icon – Standard
1 mark
Track an icon or host

Common Programs – 80 nuyen (x5 for double programs)

Browse – Cuts matrix search time in half

Configurator – Create a 2nd configuration for device.

Edit – +2 to edit

Encryption – 2 programs – +1 to firewall

Signal scrub – -2 noise

Toolbox – 2 programs – +1 data processing

Virtual Machine – +3 programs but +1 DV whenever taking damage.

Attack programs – 250 nutlyen (x5 on double programs)

Armor – +2 to firewall when resisting damage.

Baby Monitor – 2 programs – always know overwatch score.

Biofeedback – 2 programs – whenever you deal DV it does biofeedback (vs fort), not just on overflood. No additional damage to technos.

Biofeedback Filter – 2 Programs – +2 when saving vs biofeedback.

Blackout – 2 programs – does nonlethal biofeedback.

Decryption – 2 programs – +1 to attack

Defuse – +2 to diffuse a data bomb

Demolition – +2 to set a data bomb

Exploit – +2 to hack on the Fly

Fork – may take the same action on two target’s in the same grid

Guard – +1 to matrix defensE and only increase overwatch if taking a net hit.

Hammer – If you hit an attack with a net hit – +2 DV

Lock down – 2 programs – when you both damage and mark a target they are locked down

Mugger – for each mark on a target you roll +1 for DV when you hit the target

Shell – 2 programs -+1 to resist matrix DV and biofeedback

Sneak – 2 programs – +2 to resist trace user and demiGOD overwatch does not automatically know your physical location.

Stealth – 2 programs – +1 Sleaze

Track – +2 to trace user

Wrapper – Hides your icons

Net Rules

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