Tier Basic Advanced Principal
1 5 10 10
2 10 15 20
3 15 20 30
4 20 25 40
5 25 30 50
6 30 35 60

Basic: 6 + tier x 3 in perk points
Advanced: 6 + tier x 5
Principals: 1 + Tier x 10
Skills: mooks get tier+1 in free bonus skill points. Principals get double that.

Basic Mooks: Tier x 4 in perk points
Advanced Mooks: Tier x 8 in perk points
Principals: level in perk points.

Tier: Tier (Tens Place + 1)
Level: Level of PCs-1-10
Weapon: Melee or Ranged
Rof: 1
Reach: 1
Range: 5/10/15/25
MPs: 4
Sprint: 3 (any round they sprint may not use a standard action schtick, -2 to accuracy)
Sneak Attack: + 1/+ 2
Critical +2

Tier Health Armor Saves/Skills ACC DV AP Cash Basic Schtick Points Advanced Schtick Points
1 2-4 3(1) 4 7 11 - 2 9 11
2 2-5 4(2) 4 8 12 - 5 12 16
3 3-5 5(3) 5 8 13 -1 9 15 21
4 3-6 6(4) 5 9 14 -2 15 18 26
5 4-6 7(4) 6 9 15 -3 24 21 31
6 4-7 8(5) 6 10 16 -4 32 24 36

Mooks only have move points and a standard action. A Mook can spend his standard action to sprint an additional 3 hexes, and if armed with a melee weapon can still make an attack at the end with the normal -2 penalty. Mooks also have a schtick.

Schticks While mooks can have as many schtick as you want, generally you want no more than 1 per tier. Mooks are meant to add excitement at a quick pace to the game. Because of this you don’t generally want more than 3 types of mooks in play at once.

At each tier a Mook gets to pick one schtick for each tier he has gone up. So a tier 3 mook gets one schtick of tier 1, 2 and 3. If the party is in the upper tier (6-10) of their tier, you can give the mooks an extra schtick of the level they just left (minimum 1). You can also trade in 2 Schticks to get a new one, like a 1 and a 2 for a tier 3, or a 3 and a 1 for a tier 4. But feel free to be creative and flexible. A Mook cannot pick a schtick of the same name from 2 different tiers.

A Mook can only use 1 active schtick per turn.

Advanced Mooks: Sometimes your mooks need more omph! That’s what advanced mooks are for. Sometimes, you want a group of baddies that aren’t quite bosses but have more flexibility than a standard mook.

When making an advanced mook you start with the base template for building a mook, using the same base stats and 1 schtick of each tier. After that you continue to add schticks that match what you need to flesh out this character. Each schtick adds it’s level to a pool of advancements until you get the mooks final rating. For instance, let’s say you add three tier 1, one tier 2 and a tier 3 ability to your tier 3 mook. You get a final rating of 3.8. This mook will function closer to a tier 4 mook than a tier 3, but otherwise that is all you need to know. If he has over 10 points in additional abilities, you should bump him up a tier. For instance if he had 12 points of additional abilities he’d be at 3.12, which bumps up to 4.2. This mook basically functions as a tier 4 mook.

This method gives you a wider array of variability while still keeping the flexible mook system in place. If your finding you just can’t build what you want using mooks you can always make him a principal instead.

Converting Mooks to minions Sometimes party members may get mooks as companions, or you may want a slightly different mook but don’t want to make him a principal. Mook minions function just as basic mooks, but have a normal hit point pool, found by adding their down and out hit point totals together. They die at -(skills). Otherwise they function in all other ways as mooks. Single use abilities refresh after a short rest. Mook minions cannot purchase equipment schticks, they must be equipped by their controller. Mook minions may purchase any schtick up to 1 point higher than their tier.

Converting Mooks to Principals Sometimes you just want to do a quick convert of a mook, perhaps to have a boss or two to lead the Mook army, or as a stad alone. Whatever the reason converting a Mook is quick and easy. To determine his hit points, double his down number and add it to his out number. So a tier 1 mook would be (2×2) + 4=8. If he has any special movements, divide his total MP in half(rounded down) and that determines his base pace. Edge equals his skill value. PP equals skill numberx3 + 6. He also has a normal action pool (2 moves, standard, free and immediate). Make any other minor adjustments you feel necessary, but that should give you a quick and easy to use boss out of a mook.

HP and death: Mooks do not function like standard enemies. If they ever take any damage in their listed “health” field they “go down”. Additionally, if they suffer a loss on a status affect (trip, disarm, catch fire, etc.) They also go down. If they suffer a draw on a status affect they roll a d6, and on a hit they stay up, otherwise they go down. If a down mook takes any additional damage or full affects they “die” and are removed from the game board. If a Mook takes over their listed “health” in damage they die instantly and are removed. If they take a full status affect and damage in their listed “health” by the same action they die.

Standing Mook Result
Take damage in their threat range Go Down
Fail on status affect Go down
Draw on a status affect Roll d6, stay up on a hit otherwise they go down
Damage under threshold and draw on status affect Go Down
Damage under threshold and full status affect Die
Damage Over Threshold Die
Down Mook Result
Take any damage Die
lose or draw on status affect Die

When a “down” mooks turn comes up, they are able to make a recovery roll vs their tier. If they fail to make the roll they are still down. If they roll a 6 they are removed from the board and “die” or go unconscious. If they roll equal to or less than their tier they spend the full round recovering and return to game play standing as normal. Down mooks can move at the GMS discretion. For instance a feared mook may run away and confused mooks may do circles.

Additionally if they receive any healing they recover prior to their turn and can act normally on their turn. If all enemies are down, disregard down mooks, they can be dealt with as the party pleases.

Note: Mooks are meant to be fun, fast and flexible for the gm. If several go down at once, such as from an AOE, feel free to remove them, stand them and keep them down as you feel is appropriate and fitting to the events. In addition in events where they would only “go down” feel free to remove them as appropriate for the situation.


1 Dollar/Tier x total tier
Tier 2(2) with a total of 7 (14) =28
Ammo as appropriate, roughly 1/4 mooks.


BASICS 2.0 underableedingsun