Monstrous Abilities


Attacks can be upgraded once per tier with each of the following: DV +1, AP -1, Reach/Range +1. No option can be chosen more than once ever other tier. Natural attacks are usually augmented by unarmed attacks (like iron fist). They can be augmented by any perk the GM determines appropriate, such as a giant and a tree trunk using two handed, or throwing a rock as two handed ranged.

Natural Attacks Accuracy Range/Reach ROF DV AP Notes
Claws, Hoof, Wing, Pincers 6 2 (5+str) -1
Talon, Tentacle 6 1 (7+str) -1
Bite, Sting, Gore, Slam 5 1 (8+str) -2
Tail Slap 4 1 1 (7+str) -2 Can carry through hits to other opponents
Ranged 5 4/8/12/16 2 10 -1
Ranged – Web, Spit 5 5/10/15/20 1 12 -2 Often has a kicker
Special Attacks Accuracy Range/Reach ROF DV AP Notes
Ranged – Rock Throwing 4 7/14/21/28 1 (7+str) -2
Power Attacks Accuracy Range/Reach ROF DV AP Notes
Breathe Weapon 5 As Spread 1 12 -2 Narrow, Medium or wide spread template. Kickers can be added normally.


Size Example Space Melee DV Reach Threshold Stealth CU Maximum Reach Notes
Tiny Cat 1/2* -2 -2 +2 +2 -6 1 Tiny creatures may occupy the same spaces as other creatures, and must do so to attack with a melee attack.
Small Goblin 1 -1 -1 +1 +1 -2 2
Medium Human 1 0 0 0 0 0 3
Large Ogre 2-4 +1 +1 -1 -1 +2 4
Huge Elephant 5-10 +2 +1 -2 -3 +6 5
Colossal Blue Whale 11+ +4 +2 -4 -6 +10 6+ Size can keep going up.
  • Two tiny creatures can occupy the same space.

Maximum reach – maximum reach is the longest effective reach a creature of that size can use. If they get a longer reach than that they take a -1 to accuracy for each reach over their maximum.


Burrow – Creature can Burrow underground at a rate of +1 MP.

Climb You can climb at your base pace and at half pace on overhangs. Additionally you take no penalties to combat while climbing. You do not normally have to make climb checks, but when you do make a climb check you gain a +5 to your athletics.

Fly You gain a fly speed equal to your base pace. Unless otherwise stated your handling is considered 4.

Swim You gain a swim speed equal to your base pace and you take no penalties to combat while swimming. You do not normally have to make seim checks, but when you do make a swim check you gain a +5 to your athletics.


Blindsight – You can see with non visual senses such as echolocation. You halve all penalties from darkness and gain a +2 to detection.

Dark Vision: Reduce all darkness penalties by 1 level.

Light Sensitivity -1 to all dice pools while in light.

Low Light Vision: Double the effective range of all light sources.

Scent The creature can detect others via scent within 10 hexes. The creature knows when a creature is stealthed within 10 hexes, but cannot exactly locate them and the target can still get sneak attack damage versus the creature with scent. The creature gains a +2 on survival checks to track and a +1 to detection.

See in Darkness Darkness has no effect on this creatures vision.

Tremorsense: The creature automatically find target’s who are touching the ground within 10 hexes and gains a +1 to detection. Target’s can still remain hidden even though the creature knows they are, and tremorsense does not negate the concealment bonuses to threshold, but the creature with tremorsense can attack that target regardless.


Aberration Type – Creature is an abberant, a strange and weird beast. Aberrations have darkvision and are immune to polymorph effects.

Amphibious – Creature has the aquatic ability but can also survive on land.

Aquatic – Creature has the water breathing quality and swim movements. Aquatic creatures do not have a land movement speed and die if out of water for an extended period of time.

Behemothic Behemoths are creatures of intense power. While usually great in size, they are always great in power – such as titans, some dragons, gods. A behemoth gains +2 to DV, saves and fortitude, all his attacks are considered heavy weapons and his armor is considered heavy armor. Generally behemothic is only applies to tier 5 or higher principals, but if you want to make some epic encounters early on do what makes you feel good! No mooks though.

Construct – A construct does not breathe, eat or sleep. Constructs are immune to mind effecting and emotion powers and effects, sleep, poison, disease, life and death effects, bleed, paralysis and fatigue. Constructs cannot go unconscious and automatically die at negative hit points.

Dragon Traits – Dragons are immune to sleep and paralysis. Dragons have an aura of fear (3) when they are seen. They also are resistant to energy of their type, and vulnerable to energy of their counter type. Dragons of no energy type may also exist. Lastly Dragons also gain darkvision.

Elemental – Elementals do not eat, breathe or sleep. They are immune to damage of their Elemental type, but vulnerable to the opposite element. They have a special movement and sense as out lined below. Elements can add 1 free trapping of their type to their Slam attack.
Air & Electricity Fly & Scent
Earth & Magma Burrow & Tremorsense
Fire & Acid +2 MP/round, climb & darkvision.
Water & Cold Swim & darkvision
Opposition Element
Air – Earth
Fire – Water
Magma – Cold
Electricity – Acid

Enhanced Beast Traits Enhanced beasts have darkvision. Being enhanced beings they often have some spellcasting but not always.

Environmental Protection This creature is immune to damage caused by some type of extreme condition, as listed after the entry.

Extremophilic – Can survive in all hostile environments.

Fey Traits – Fey have low light vision.

Giant Traits – Giants are always at least large in size and have the rock throwing special attack.

Incorporeal An Incorporeal creature does not have a physical form. They can move through solid objects and even hide inside of them. Often, but not always, Incorporeal creatures can still interact with physical reality.

Physical attacks do not hurt them. Enhanced items and magic can hurt them but Incorporeal are considered to have resistance against such attacks. Attacks that have force trappings and other Incorporeal creatures can damage them as normal. Additionally if the Incorporeal are undead life trappings deal full damage and if they are living death trappings deal full damage. Incorporeal are assumed to deal full damage to corporeal creatures unless otherwise noted.

Mindless Trait Mindless creatures have no thoughts. They are there for immune to emotion and mind effecting.

Outsider Traits Outsiders have darkvision. They are resistant to their natural energy type (such as good or lawful for angels) and vulnerable to their opposite energy type (such as evil and chaotic).

Ooze Traits Ooze are amorphous blobs. They are immune to paralyze, stun, shaken, fatigue, exhaustion, sleep, polymorph, poison and disease. They have blindsight, but have no eyes so are blind, and always suffer a -3 to detection and accuracy.

Plant Traits Plants are immune to all mind-affecting effects and emotions, paralysis, poison, sleep, stagger, disease, blind and stun. Vulnerable to fire. Plants also have blindsight, unless they have a form of vision from another source. They however cannot see normally so always suffer from a -3 to detection and accuracy. Plants cannot be pushed, pulled, tripped or knocked down unless they have a movement speed.

Telepathy: The creature can communicate in the minds of creatures within 25 hexes, and can hear responses in the target’s heads.

Water Breathing The creature can breathe underwater or hold their breathes for long periods of time.

Swarm Traits The bane of many an adventurer, the dreaded swarm! Swarms are a collection of dozens, hundred or even thousands of creatures. As such, they always have another type, often animal or Vermin but they can be anything. Swarms are resistant to mind effecting and emotions, and are only affected by such trappings if they target the entire Swarm. Swarms are immune to an combat maneuver or attack that target’s an individual, such as trip, knockdown or any single target attacks. They can only be hurt by area of affect attacks such as blasts and spreads. A swarms reach is always 0. If anyone enters a swarm the swarm automatically gets to make an attack against that target.

Undead Traits Undead do not breathe, eat or sleep. They are Immune to death effects, disease, paralysis, poison, sleep, stun, as well as to fatigue and exhaustion effects. Cannot go unconciouss, and they die at negative HP. Undead are vulnerable to life effects. Undead have darkvision.

Special Attack

Bleed – Successful attacks deal the listed amount of bleed damage at the start of the victims round until he receives any healing or stabilization.


Catch Fire – The target deals fire damage and you have to save vs catching on fire.

Engulf When the creature has a target at least one size category smaller than itself grappled, the creature can spend a full round action making another grapple check to engulf the target. If successful he engulfs the creature, who takes the listed damage each round, which ignores all armor. The engulfed target may spend a full round action making a Legerdemain check trying to escape. Some creatures you can also cut your way out of. You need a bladed weapon and take a -4 to accuracy with a small blade, -8 for a medium Blade and -12 for a large blade. You must deal the listed damage to cut your way out. If you successfully cut your way free you deal no damage to the creature but he does take a level of fatigue. Engulf is written Engulf (2) and cut out is immediately after at Cut Out (5). Or Engulf (2) Cut Out (5)

Entangle Entangle as the status affect.

Fear – The creature generates fear just by laying eyes upon it. When another Creature looks upon the creature with fear he must make a grit save vs fear at the listed levels. Generally creatures of the same type are immune to fear generated by others of their type (such as dragons). Fear is an emotion ability.

Fearless This creature is immune to fear and terror.

Grab When the creature hits with a melee attack he automatically gets to attempt to start a grapple.

Heavy Weapon Creatures attacks count as a heavy weapon and overcome heavy armor.

Infection When this creature hits with an attack (usually a bite, but other attacks can infect) it infects the target. The nature of the infection can vary from vampirism, lycanthropy or even injecting it’s young into host. Infection usually allows a save vs grit. The nature of the infection varies for each creature and should be listed in its relevant description.

Multi-Attack This creature can make a single attack with every one of his attacks as a standard action. If it has a (+1) after it, that bonus gets applied to every split attack.

Paralysis Creature has a paralysis attack, which unless otherwise listed is done when the creature touches someone.

Poison One or more of the Creatures listed attacks has a poison which does a level of long fatigue on a failure, or a stagger on a draw.

Pounce When the creature makes a charge he may make a multi-attack at the end, and he takes no penalty for charging.

Pull/Push The creatures attack does full damage and can reposition, but can only move closer or push away.


Trappings: The creature may choose trappings of their type or subtype. For instance an angel can choose good trappings, fire Elementals fire trappibgs, and undead death trappings. These are each chosen independently. For instance a fire elemental who chooses catch fire can choose it independently for each attack.

Trip The creatures attack trips.

Special Defense

Deathless Creature stays concious at negative hit points and doesn’t go unconscious, but the creature can be killed at -body as normal.

Fearless – The creature is immune to fear and intimidate.

Hardy These creatures are extremely resilient. They do not fall unconciouss, and they don’t die until they hit -body in hit points.

Heavy Armor The creature acts as if it has heavy armor. It ignores all AP from nonheavy attacks, and counts has resistance vs all such attacks.

Immunity The creature has Immunity to the listed trapping. He takes no damage nor status affects from this source, be it mundane, powers or supernatural.

Invulnerability This creature is completely immune to being destroyed by conventional means. Regular and magical attacks deal no long term damage, though each time he would be reduced to 0 he takes a level of fatigue. Instead this creature must be destroyed or damaged by special means. Perhaps he is missing a single scale on his armored hide, he needs to be struck through the heart or he is only damaged by fire. This generally varies by creature and changes encounter structure.

Regeneration The creature rolls the listed dice to recover hit points each round. Acid and fire damage halt regeneration for one round and kill the creature normally.

Resistance The creature has resistance to the listed trapping type. The creature counts 4, 5 and 6s as hits when soaking or making saves vs such attacks.

Trappings: The creature may choose trappings of their type or subtype. For instance an angel can choose good trappings, fire Elementals fire trappibgs, and undead death trappings. These are each chosen independently. For instance a fire elemental who chooses catch fire can choose it independently for each attack.

Vulnerability The creature is vulnerable to the listed trapping. He only counts 6s as hits when he soaks, and thresholds for saves from status affects increases by 1.

Monstrous Abilities

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