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In some settings youay want to use the restriction rules for availability of certain items. Usually you want to use the contact system alternate rules if using the restriction rules to allow the players axcess to hard to get items.

There are three levels of restrictions available.

No Restrictions – Either nothing is restricted, the underground market is pervasive, or the government has no real way to enforce restrictions. Thus was most common in the real world during the middle ages and renaissance, and is the atypical option of fantasy settings.

Restrictive – The setting has reasonable restrictions, and most everything can be found relatively easily, even if it is illegal. Most equipment and gear can be gotten if enough paperwork is filled out, and the black market can easily fill in most gaps. This is highly representative of modern day America and fits settings like space operas or most modern settings.

Illegal – This ssystem is highly restrictive, and lots if stuff is illegal. GEtting most equipment, while still legal, is highly problematic. The black markets can get it, but it’s more complicated than other players. This represents most of the modern world, especially much of europe. In game play terms it fits the setting of most distopian world’s and is seen in most cyberpunk settings.

Restricted Gear – this gear can be purchased legally if you aren’t a known criminal or have the proper paperwork. It takes time and money, and has its base cost increased by +1 wealth. If bought through legal markets it takes a number of days or weeks to aquire equal to its restriction rating. The amount of time (days or weeks) depends on GM fiat and the pacing of the game. Other actions cam be taken while aquiring the item, such as adventuring, … if the item is bought through an appropriate contact it can be aquire in days or hours (depending on the above) and if the contacts loyalty is equal to the items restriction rating, it does not have the coat increased by 1.


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