Derived Statistics

Resistances You have three types of resistances that help you overcome spells, combat maneuvers and affects. Note: you always save vs combat affects, but to resist a combat maneuver you must expend an immediate action.

Physical Resistance: (Str+Agility)/2. This is your ability to withstand physical punishment, avoid getting tripped, and resist most combat maneuvers.

Willpower: (Intelligence+Charisma)/2. This is your ability to withstand many mind effecting abilities, such as confusion, and to resist many spells.

Grit: (Body+Savvy)/2. This is your ability to look death straight in the face and spit at him, as well as your ability to resist toxins.

Sequence (Agility+Savvy)/2.

Maneuver Physical Resistance Willpower Grit
trip x
Disarm x
reposition x
Grapple x
Dirty Trick x
Push/Pull x
Entangle x
Fear x
Terror x
Nausea x
Knockdown x
Confusion x
Stagger x
Frozen x
Burning x
Poison x
Disease x
Paralyzed x
Stunned x
radiation x
Blind x
Deaf x
Fatigue x

Fatigue: You may suffer from 3 types of fatigue. They are – temporary – short and long. You hav3 three levels of each type of fatigue. For each level of fatigue you suffer a -1 to all dice pools. You usually suffer fatigue sequentially, once all your temp fatigue levels are filled your next fatigue goes to short fatigue, etc. Some attacks may grant a certain type of fatigue, like some poisons and diseases directly affect Long Term fatigue. If you suffer a level of fatigue while full of that type of fatigue, it affects your next level Temporary → Short → Long → HP damage. HP damage from long fatigue overload reduces your maximum HP’S, rather than damaging your HP pool. Your maximum HP cannot recover until you recover from the long fatigue.

Temporary : Temporary fatigue recovers after a breather. This is generally caused by minor incidents like running too long or getting the wind knocked out of you.

Short Term: Short fatigue generally recovers after a Long Rest, but only if the underlying ailment is cured. For instance, if you catch a cold you may suffer one point of short Fatigue, but as long as you recover (naturally or otherwise) you are not fatigued the following day. If you failed to recover you would still be fatigued though.

Long Term: This type of fatigue usually requires magical or medical intervention to remove the underlying condition, but given enough time (one week of no more than light activity) you remove one level of long term fatigue. Some diseases and poisons may rack the recipients body and may only allow saves for recovery once per week.

Derived Statistics

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