All consumables come in groups of 3. You can mix and match your bundle using the highest wealth item as your base cost.


Crafting a scroll has a base cost of the tier of the Spell + the PP cost. Therefor increasing the spells modifiers increases the cost by boosting the tier, and possibly by increasing the PP cost (if the spell modifier increases the PP base PP cost of the power). You may add a trapping as normal while crafting scrolls.


Item Value CU Effect On Going Effect Duration Chemist Needed Notes
Coffee 1 1 +1 to knowledge, detection and discernment. 4 hours 1
Heal 4 1 Recover 1 hit point + Medic in hit points. instantaneous 1
Antibiotics 5 Cure disease +2 save vs disease 24 hours 2
Antivenom 5 Cure poison +2 save vs poison 24 hours 2
Addictol 7 Relieves withdrawal and addiction penalties 24 hours 3
Cure 7 1 Recovers 1 condition at medic + 1 threshold instantaneous 3 Starts with highest threshold condition and works down.
Ibogaine 10 Cures all addiction 4
Adrenaline 12 1 medic + 4 HP’S, can restore to life if used within 2 round of death. Ignore all fatigue. Makes concious even at negative HP’S, 10 minutes 5 When duration wears out target suffers 5 points of HP damage and a level of long fatigue

Uses to make check –
On draw threshold for addiction increases by 1.
Physical addiction: Grit
Mental Addiction: willpower
Minor addiction: level temporary fatigue
Moderate: short fatigue (all levels stack)
Severe: Long fatigue
Burn out: An additional fatigue
Save each day to avoid withdrawal. If withdrawal …..



When you are addicted to a substance you need to check to see if you suffer penalties from withdrawal. You can be psychologically addicted and/or physically addicted. If you are psychologically addicted you make a willpower save to resist withdrawal and if physically addicted you make a grit save. If you are both physically and psychologically addicted you need to roll for each seperately, but you only suffer the effects of your worst result. Your addictions can be at a different severity as outlined below.

When you are an addict, every time you go 24 hours without using that substance you make a withdrawal check to see if you suffer from withdrawal.

If you succeed you do not suffer any withdrawal effect, if you are currently suffering from withdrawal you may recover from the withdrawal symptoms by any means available to you, and you reduce your addiction threshold by 1. If your addiction threshold ever gets to 0 and you make the withdrawal check you reduce your addiction level by 1, and if only a minor addict you recover completely.

If you draw on a withdrawal threshold you suffer the normal penalties of your withdrawal, but the penalties may be cured by any means normally available to you.

If you fail on a withdrawal check you take the full affect of your withdrawal, and your fatigue cannot be cured until you are no longer suffering from addiction, or you take some drug or Chem to relieve your symptoms.

If you are a burnout and fill up all of your fatigue you fall unconscious in a type of coma for 1 week. At the end of that you make a body (2) check. If you succeed your addiction falls to severe and you recover all fatigue, though you must immediately make a withdrawal check at the severe level. If you fail, you die from system shock.

Addiction Withdrawal Threshold Temporary Fatigue Short Fatigue Long Fatigue
Minor 2 1
Moderate 2 1 1
Severe 3 1 1 1
Burnout 4 1 1 2

Addiction Chance: How many times you can use this substance before you have to make a roll versus addiction. This is over any period of time, so you must track each time you use a drug or drink alchol. Even once addicted you must track this as your addiction can grow worse over time.

Physical Addiction Threshold: This it’s the base chance for addiction. Each time you use the substance a number of times equal to you addiction threshold you make a Grit check against this number. If you roll under it, you are addicted. If you meet the threshold, you are not addicted but the Physical Addiction Chance increases by 1. If you roll above the threshold you are not addicted and the threshold stays where it is. If you fail an addiction check you become addicted (or increase your severity of addiction) but your threshold for addiction resets to its base level.

Psychological Addiction Threshold: This functions just as physical addiction, but is rolled against willpower. If the drug has both physical and psychological withdrawal you need to roll ve both, and can become addicted to both.

Coming Down: This is the penalty you take when coming down off the drug. Coming down lasts for 6 hours after the effect duration wears off. You can stop coming down by using more of the drug.

Alchol: Alchol is unique in that it represents a series of substances. Alchol addiction and withdrawal works with all forms of alchol. So you may drink beer to relieve addiction caused by too much wine, and your bourbon habit stacks with your Moonshine habit when determining how many uses before making an addiction check. All alchol has the following properties:

Uses: 8
Physical Addiction: 1
Psychological Addiction: 1
Coming Down: -1 Intelligence, -1 all dice pools

Item Value Effect Duration Chemist Needed Notes
Moonshine/Grog 1 +1 Melee DV, +1 HP, -1 Intelligence, -1 agility 1 Hour 1
Beer 1 +1 melee DV, intimidate and diplomacy, -1 Intelligence 1 hour 2
Liquor 2 +1 melee DV, +1 HP, -1 Intelligence 1 Hour 2
Wine 2 +1 intimidate, diplomacy and PP, -1 Intelligence 1 Hour 2
Absinthe 3 Ignore 1 level of fatigue. -1 to accuracy. ??? 2 hours 3


Item Value Addiction Uses Physical Threshold Psycologicall Threshold Effect Duration Withdrawal Effect Chemist Needed Notes
Deep weed Narcotic 4 1 +1 willpower, -1 vigor 1
Bliss-opiate 3 1 2 -1 to initiative and mp, ignore fatigue 2 hours 2
Cram-Stimulant 3 1 2 +1 initiative, detection, grit and accuracy 4 hours 2
Novacoke 5 2 2 +1 to bluff, diplomacy, intimidate, and discernment 2 hours 2
Psyche 4 2 +1 to willpower and grit 5 Hours 2
Cocaine 4 1 +1 Perception, Charisma and Savvy 1 hour 3
Jazz 4 2 +2 to iniative, +1 to threshold and dodge. 30 minutes 3
Amphetamine 2 2 +1 strength, accuracy and ignore 1 level of fatigue 6 hours 3
Long Haul 3 4 1 Act as if you slept for 8 hours. You are well rested but do not recover as though you slept. 2
Opiate 4 2 Ignore all levels of fatigue, -1 Savvy 6 hours Dope Sick: Staggered, -2 to initiative 4
PCP 5 1 3 +1 DV, +1 Fortitude, -1 Intelligence and savvy 4 Hours Rage: may be triggered into an aggressive rage when in social settings. When in a tense social situation make a willpower check vs 2. On a draw you lash out verbally and on a failure you get physical. -2 to all dice pools. 4
Kamikaze 6 1 3 1 +2 to accuracy, DV, fortitude and vigor. Ignore Pain 15 minutes 5
Nitro 4 2 +2 melee DV, +2 Willpower, detection and ignore fatigue. 15 minutes 5

Poison There are several types of poisons, and ways for a target to contact them. Many poisons may take affect through multiple bulb words. If a poison has no listed affect (such as poison (2)) it gives a level of short fatigue when delivered.

Inhalation Poison must be breathed in to take affect.

Contact This poison must contact a targets skin to take affect.

Injection This poison must be injected in the bloodstream to take affect. If delivered through an attack the attack must deal at least 1 DV to enter the bloodstream.

Injestion This poison must be in jester to take affect.

Item Value CU Type Save Initial Effect Draw Effect On Going Effect Duration Chemist Needed Notes
Food Poison 1 Ingestion 1 Nausea, 1 level short fatigue Staggered 1
Staggerer 1 Injection 1 Stunned Staggered 1
Neuro Poison 2 Injection 2 10 DV 5 DV 2
Tear Gas 2 Inhalation/contact 3 1 level temporary fatigue, Nausea Staggered staggered each round while in the gas and for 5 rounds afterwards. 2 Disperses after 10 rounds in air.
Animal Poison 2 Injection 2 DV 9, 1 level short fatigue 4 DV, 1 level temporary fatigue 2
Pepper Spray 2 Contact/inhalation 2 Nausea. If targeted shot to eyes also blind. Staggered Staggered and if hit in eyes blind 1minute 2
3 injection 3 12 DV nonlethal, 1 level short fatigue Staggered 3
Neuro Toxin 4 Injection 2 15 DV, 1 level long fatigue 8 DV, 1 level short fatigue 4
Killer Animal Poison 4 Injection 2 DV 18, Paralysis 8 DV, Stunned 2 rounds 4
Truth Serum 4 Injection 3 Paralyzed 1 minute, 1 level short fatigue Stunned, 1 level temporary fatigue -3 to save vs being forced to tell the truth. -3 to bluff and intimidate. 1 hour 4
Paralyzer 5 Contact 2 Paralyzed for 4 rounds -20 AP 5
Killer 12 Ingestion 2 Death Knocked Out, 1 level long fatigue 1 Minute 5


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