Carry Units

Carry Units A character has a number of carry units equal to 9 + 2 x strength. This is a representation of how much weight and bulk you can carry. Some light items may have higher carry because of its size or shape. Some small items may have huge carry because they weigh so much.

Encumbrance When your carrying too much weight, or your armor is too heavy you take an encumbrance penalty. Each point of encumbrance gives you a -1 penalty to sneak, Legerdemain, fly, athletics, acrobatics, move points, and action point refresh.

For each point of CU over your maximum, you increase your encumbrance by 1. You also gain 1 encumbrance for each point of armor check penalty (see below).

ACP (Armor Check Penalty) – Your ACP represents carrying more armor/enhancements than your body can properly handle. You calculate your ACP by adding up the total CU of all your armor plus your shield plus any implants/magic items that have CU. Then you subtract your strength from that number and any left over is your total ACP.

Items with no weight Some items have no carry weight, or no carry weight when only a certain number of units are carried. You may have the number of units as listed on the chart below. If you carry more than this you take a weight unit as normal. Partial CUS always round up to whole numbers (so 5 mid Caliber rounds weigh 1 CU). These quantities are the same quantities as you can purchase with lifestyle.

Item Quantity in 1 unit
Ammo 50 rounds, 10 throwing weapons, 5 heavy or 2 artillery Each Unit above 1 equals 1 CU
Consumables – Potions, Poison, Drugs 3 Each Unit above 1 equals 1 CU
Explosives 3 Each Unit above 1 equals 1 CU
Misc Items 3 Each Misc item over 3 equals 1 CU
Provisions – Food/Water 1 week supply Each week supply over 1 equals 1 CU

Carry Units

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