ENC – Encumbrance

Heavy – Heavy Armor is hard to damage with conventional weapons. Heavy Armor ignores all AP from non-heanonattacks, and is considered proficient vs non-heavy attacks.

Block – This modifies your cover bonus while taking the block action.

Armor LI RE Cost ENC Armor
Leather 2 1 1
Studded Leather R 3 2 2
Chain R 4 3 3
Hide Armor 1 6 3
Breastplate I 5 5 4
Half-Plate I 7 6 5
Full Plate I 9 7 6
Leather Jacket 3 0 1
Kevlar I 4 1 2
Tactical Gear I 7 2 4

Outfits can be worn in place of armor, and enhanded as clothing.

Outfit LI RE Cost ENC Notes
Basic Outfit - - Starting Outfit – skinned as appropriate
Hot Weather Gear 3 +1 to resist hot weather.
Cold Weather Gear 4 1 +1 to resist cold weather.
Diving Suit R 13 1 Holds 4 hours of oxygen for breathing underwater.
Hazmat Suit R I 13 3 Grants a +10 for saves vs radiation, inhaled and contact poisons and toxins.

Power Armor Power Armor is mechanized (or potentially magic powered) suits of heavy armor. Listed encumbrance is when worn. When calculating the actual carry weight of power armor multiply the listed number by 3.

Armor LI RE Cost ENC Armor Notes
Explorer Power Armor I 14 4 ENC equals zero when worn
Tactical Power Armor R I 17 6 +1 MP per round.
Heavy Power Armor R I 20 8 +1 strength

Blocking – you may spend a move action to choose to block.
When blocking with a shield choose one of the following. Choose a target and gain a civer bonus from that target of your shields cover. You may also choose a specific direction(use 3 adjacent hexes), and gain your shields innate cover bonus (plus any cover bonuses) from that direction only. You may choose to actively engage cover from your shield as an additional move action as usual when using cover from a direction.

Shield LI RE Cost ENC Block Notes
Small R 2 2 -1
Large R 3 4 -2
Tower I 5 6 -2 Can spend a move action to set the shield as heavy cover from a single direction. It takes a move action to disengage the shield.
Yoy must use the pop out of cover action to attack while a shield is in cover.


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