Damage The actual amount of damage you take, after rolling.

Dice Pool The number of dice you have for this type of action for a single round. If making multiple actions of the same type you must split this dice pool. DV and soak are not subject to dice pool limits.

Dice Pool Limit This is the limit of how many dice you can roll for a single action. Dice Pool limit is always set to 20 unless raised by an ability or effect. You may however, split your dice pool or absorb penalties if your dice pool is greater than 20. For instance, if your dice pool for accuracy is 30, you may split it and make 2 attacks at 15 each, or if you have multiple penalties you can absorb such penalties with the 30 dice, but must roll no more than 20 even if you have some remaining.

DV DV is the number of damage dice that need to be rolled. For instance, DV 15 means you will roll 15 dice and count the hits as damage.

Hit A hit is a 5 or 6 on the D20s.

Net Hits The number of hits you received over the threshold. If the threshold was 3 and you got 5 hits, you have 2 net hits.

Net Misses How many hits below the threshold you were. If the threshold was 3 and you got 2 hits you have 1 net miss.

Opposed Test Two people rolling tests against each other for success.

Soak Your soak is the number of dice you roll when damaged, and each hit reduces damage by 1. Your soak is equal to your Fortitude + armor. Some trappings and affects may soak with another attribute, most commonly a saving throw.

Threshold The number of hits needed for a success at a given task.


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