Contacts as abstract vs Contacts as NPCs.

Well Connected Diplomat 1 +2 to persuasion.
Well Connected Diplomat 2 +1 to persuasion. You may immediately spend 5 points on contacts, new or existing.
Well Connected Diplomat 3 +1 to persuasion. People are more inspired when working for you. You treat all your contacts connection rating as 1 higher.
Well Connected Diplomat 4 +1 to persuasion. You inspire loyalty. You treat all of your connections loyalty as 1 higher.
Well Connected Diplomat 5 You gain 10 points to immediately distribute amongst your contacts, existing or new. Whenever you meet a new potential contact you always successfully concert him to a contact.

4 categories of contacts:

Information Contacts – know stuff

Gear Contacts – get stuff

Fixer Contacts – know people

Fellow adventurers – do stuff (use mooks)

Contacts are people that can help your PC out in certain situations. Contacts can be fences, reporters, police, special forces, etc. You gain a number of points to spend on contacts equal to your (charisma+1) x3.

Contacts have 2 scores. Loyalty and skill. You may purchase each one on a point by point system. No score may be purchased greater than the (charisma)/2+1, though you can make in game contacts with better scores which are not restricted by your charisma. The maximum score for either attribute is 6.

Contacts can play an important and integral role to a game. They can get you gear that would be difficult to obtain otherwise and be a valuable source of information. Generally each contact can fulfill up to 2 rolls. The GM may have premade contacts he wants you to use, allow you to make your own, or both.

Loyalty: Loyalty is how loyal the contact is to your PC. This is how far the contact will go to help your character, how much risk he’s willing to take on, and how much he may charge for his services. A contact will generally reduce his cost for a project equal to his loyalty. It also determines if and how easily the character will turn or sell out the player. For instance, at loyalty 1 the character will roll on the pv for a couple bucks. At tier 5, the character has a little loyalty, and may not go through torture but isn’t going to sell the PCS out for less than that. At tier 10 the character will not turn on his companion, he considers him a loyal friend, family and brother.

Skill: How good he is in his area. If he’s an information broker, this is what he knows. If a fence, how much restricted and illegal gear he can get. Etc. In his specialized area he rolls a number of dice equal to twice his skill. In general skills he rolls his skill in dice. For instance, our hacker with a skill of 8 rolls 16 dice for security and 8 dice for computer hardware. Additionally, for a fence, his skill determines what tier of restricted and illegal gear the fence can get.

Skill This is the contacts skill in his area of expertise. If he is contact that sells gear, this is the highest tier of restricted or illegal items he has access to. If he is a knowlecoyo you triple this value for his area of expertise, double this value for closely related areas and use this value for anything else he may know. For instance, a historian with a skilhistory could have a 12 in knowledge history, an 8 in knowledge nobility and cultural knowledge, and a 4 in a series of related fields.

Loyalty This is what bond if any you have with the target. A rating of 1 represents solely a business arrangement, while a 6 represents a deep rooted and solid friendship. If this contact sells gear he reduces his markup (not the total price though) by his loyalty.

Restricted Gear – add half it tier (rounded up). If your loyalty is greater than items restriction level he does not charge you extra. If bought through a legitimate contact (ie not a pawnbroker or fence) it comes licensed as well.

Illegal Gear – add the items tier to the cost. Illegal gear can never be licensed.

Contact Gear
Fence Can connect you with someone to find any gear up to his connection – but all gear has an additional +1 markup
Armorer Weapon& Armor & Weapon & Armor Upgrades
Corp Manager Corp Specific Gear only
ID Manufacturer Making fake ID’s, Maglock Passkey/Sequencer/Forging Doc/License/Sins
Mechanic Vehicles and Vehicle Upgrades
Street Doc Bioware/Cyberware
Talismonger Magic Stuff
Pawn Broker Has a chance to have any item. Roll Pawn Brokers connection + Loyalty. If he gets a number of hits equal to its tier he can find it. If not he cannot. He can try again after an appropriate amount of time passes.
Hacker Software/Hardware
Pharmacist Consumables


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