Still need to do

Wands/staves as weapons

Slow status affect

Healing – fatigue instead of heals/day
Different fatigue tracks
Permananet injury
Different healings – breather, day, week
Breather, day, month
Breather, week, month
Day, week, month
More heals – heal all levels during one rest (higher fantasy)
Endurance- 3 addede levelss of fatigue – 2 ignoelre fatigue
Perk “Deal with it” – Remove a level of permanent fatigue.

Fighting atyles – defensive stance, berserk mire later – startinf and ending the style as a move action to replace fatigue.

Contacts – yp to 6. Half (up) skill half (down) loyalty. Contacts can get gear up to their skill. Cost is half tier (rounded up) for restricted gear and tier for illegal. Reduce this premium by loyalty.
Pawnbroker- roll skill + loyalty and if hits = tier then he can access that item for you.

Enhacements +15maximum. 5 + tier weapons. 10 + tier gear. +3 per tier.

Expend loot to empower spells??

Firw continues ti burn

Squeezing rules

Detection rules

Persuasion reveal info

Casting style bard


Intimidate – restrict action

Fly rules

Character creation refined rules

Fuel consumption 

Mounted combat
Nonlethal weapons & damage
Tricks (ie outside the rules)
Heal/natural healing/ko

Setting Rules
Vehicle rolls
Chase rules
Mass battle
Hero's never die
Social conflict

Artillery strikes rules

Creature types

Attack Templates


Flesh out poisons.

Magical gear and supplies (sr 318)

Still need to do

BASICS 2.0 underableedingsun